Thursday, February 18, 2010

What's Your Opinion on Publishing Right Now?

Hey! Today is supposed to be the day where I tell you how fiction and YA lit are doing in the marketplace...I don't have the time to get into all the stats right now, so I thought I would pose the question and ask you all- what do you think is doing well. Then, maybe I can compare your answer to real stats sometime this weekend. I think it will be cool to look at the difference between what is perceived to be doing well in terms of publishing as compared to what really is doing well. Also, my cuz nominated me for a blog award!!! YEAH! I feel so be my cousin...wait, should I be sad ??

Nah, you take what you can get- nepotism is in, baby! Anyway, share with me the books that you think are flying off the shelves!


  1. You should be VERY happy to receive that award! It's a tough Craft and Form World out there! Lol! How did you do by the way? I guess I will find out when Walt Posts them! I completely forgot we were supposed to comment on the proposals! That's why I responded so late, so sorry!

    As for the publishing world....hmmmm...let's see. I think YA is very hot right now! Even with just looking around on blogspot A LOT of people are YA writers! And look at Lauren Conrad from the Hills! She has TWO YA books out right now...I did my research on that by the way, and well you know how I feel! lol But anyway Go Edgy YA ;)

  2. Thanks! And you received it too!! Go to your blog and check it out- I just found out we need to pass it on...oops! Wish I knew of 12 other blogs to send it to :(

  3. I know for a fact that's what's really selling right now is paranormal/fantasy YA. Call it the Stephenie Meyer affect, but this section takes up the most shelves in book stores.