Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Angels, Hybrids, and Vampires OH MY!

I am a big fan of paranormal/fantasy YA as I am a hardcore Hunger Games follower, I love Twilight (more because I love Robert Pattinson *swoon*)

...and I am really getting into hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick- but it makes me wonder...when are we gonna overload on these topics? It makes contemporary YA look like boring garbage- and that makes me sad :( I'm also jealous because I didn't create any of these concepts and really wish I had. Yesterday, my cuz (she has a new contest going on - check it out!) and I were just talking about how much we wished we had come up with the concept from Supernatural- two brothers road tripping to kill goblins and ghouls? Can you say, SO MUCH MATERIAL!

Anyway, I'm wondering if there is still room for my kind of writing- which, like I said I would love to do paranormal and fantasy, but I just have to come up with something unique. So, for right now- my kind of writing is dark, moody, thrilleresque (I create my own words too) YA. Kind of in the vein of movies like Brick and Lucky Number Slevin -if you haven't seen those movies, you HAVE to check them out. I am working on a new novel that will fit in that genre and I am just curious to see how many agents and editors are willing to take a novel that does not include one of the three things mentioned in my title. What do you think??? What kind of novel are you working on- will it fit in fantasy/paranormal- or do you feel like that fat kid on the swim team like I do???

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  1. I certainly hope there's still a market for contemporary YA! Not only is it the genre that I write, but it's also what I veer towards in the bookstore. I think most agents are openminded about most genres if writers take a fresh spin on something. Maybe we should come up with two vampire brothers who road travel across country, killing goblins, and having to rescue a fallen angel. Far out!