Wednesday, March 31, 2010

If I was a rich girl...

YA Highway has posed quite a brilliant question...what would I do if I had a lot of money? First, I would thank my agent and publishers with a beautiful gift :) WHY? Obviously because I would be rolling in the dough from my book deals. Anyway, I would also get better living quarters- a place that would be worth the stupendous amount that I pay every month- AND HAVE A WORKING WIRELESS INTERNET SYSTEM!

I would get a better car- one that is not WHITE and a TWO DOOR (which were the only things that I didn't want when I went to the car dealership :( ).

Hmmm, what else would I do? Buy some cool books- cause I already spend too much money on books, I can't imagine what kind of damage I would do to Borders and Barnes and Nobles if I had more money! I would get a new laptop, a new desk, some notebooks, a million Sharpie Fine Point pens- although I barely write with pen and paper anymore-and finally, I would buy plane tickets to go and stalk Robert Pattinson, Jake Gyllenhaal, Ashton Kutcher, Joseph Gordon Levitt, Tobey Maguire, Eminem...I think you get my point :))Look at all that hotness!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, tell me- what would you do if writing made you freakin' rich?!!!!!


  1. I absolutely agree with you about the wireless Inernet connection! Somedays I just want to throw my laptop across the room, and then hang my head in shame because it isn't my laptops fault. But that's something that I need to share with a therapist, not on your blog. :)

  2. Oh, books. I would buy lots (more) if I were rich :)

  3. Hee. I love that your plan is to go stalk hawtness.

  4. I hear you on properly working wireless! My wireless is acting up, right? I go to Best Buy and talk to them about it - they say the signal can't go through my particleboard desk. Really? It can go through walls but not particleboard? Hmmm...

    I <3 Sharpie fine points, too. And B&N? Don't even get me started... it's rare I walk out of B&N with less than 3 books. :P

  5. Abby- It's nice to find out that there are others who suffer just like me and my cuz with the Internet :)
    And particleboard blocks wireless- lame excuse.

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