Friday, April 16, 2010


Why is there never enough time in a week? Here is what I need to do this weekend:

Create a lesson plan to do SOL (standard) review for History/Civics classes.
Finish an annotation on the wonderful novel: Leftovers by Laura Weiss
Finish a short story to turn in to be critiqued by my class
Check Twitter
Revise my POS (piece of sh*t) novel
Outline my new BRILLIANT novel
Check Twitter
Read another book for my second annotation this module
Watch TV (Have 4 shows of GLEE to catch up on)
Have a smoothie (YEAH, TROPICAL SMOOTHIE!)
Check Twitter
Maybe attend my middle school's talent show (I have to support the babies)
Work on my Teleplay that I write for FUN :)- But still feel like I MUST do it
Stalk some more Hollywood actors- visit their sites, scour Twitter to see if they have an account, try and find them on Facebook etc.
Visit the blogs that I follow
Check Twitter again
AND read some craft books/magazines to learn how to form ideas and get them down on paper

Okay, maybe I can cut some of that out, but it's a start that I made a list, right? Which brings me to a point- after reading several craft essays from The Writer magazine, I've learned that writing things down help, using a journal to create To Do List ( which I already do for work, but I didn't want to do it for the weekend- makes it seem less fun or something) but putting all of that down has helped me to get a glimpse of what I need to get done and what order I should try and do it in. Maybe making a list will help you, too!


  1. I love lists!! In fact, I always make lists, even verbal ones (as I'm sure you're aware of). The most satisfying part of my day is when I can actually check off something from my list. Wow. I have no life, huh?

  2. I write lists and then totally ignore them. What does that say about me? I rebel even against myself? Makes no sense.

    That is a dizzying to-do list. My weekend plans haven't progressed beyond, "Sit on duff and watch Food Network." See. That's the key to achieveing: setting a low bar.

    Thanks for your kind words at my blog. I hope you'll come again and visit.


  3. I must admit Kristen, I sometimes ignore my lists too- but I agree with Pam, when I do finally do something from that list and get to check it off- it feels AWESOME!