Friday, April 30, 2010

Nightmare...on MY street!

It's a shame b/c the man frightens the CRAP out of me, but I am MAY-JOR-LY excited to see the new: A Nightmare on Elm Street. I mean, I used to hide out in a bedroom when my cuz and my sister would watch creepy, old, evil Freddy Krueger.But I can't wait to go see this new one (today at 4:15 !!!! ). I think it's because I love to scare myself (and about a year ago, I made a goal to try and see every scary movie EV-AH created). What does this have to do with writing?

Well, since I am such an avid fan of suspense and thriller, and well, scaring the shiznit out of myself, I think watching a few scary movies will help me to write my own suspense filled scenes in my novel. I know, I know- books are supposed to be better than movies- and most of the time they are, but I don't think it hurts to take some pointers from those lovely gems, right? So, basically- this is a post about my passion for scary movies and the fact that I get to see one TODAY! YEAH!

Tell me, do you write suspense? And if so, what helps you to push along those scenes in your novel/short story? If not, have you ever THOUGHT about a scene from a movie to help you write any genre of fiction?


  1. I think I suck at suspense. I can't put my finger on why. I end up writing a bunch of "and then..."s. But it's weird because even though I epically fail at writing suspense in novels, I think I'm pretty good at doing it with screenplays. What's that about? But movies definitely influence my writing because I try to emulate the "theater" experience through my pages. That's what you have to do to keep today's teens interested. :)

  2. I'm not going to lie, when I write, I write it like I'm writing a movie. I think it comes from my 2 years of film school, where I learned much of what I know about story telling and world building. When I'm trying to write about what a character is wearing, I go into Costuming mode. When I need to write about a room, I go into Art Direction mode. When I need to write about a landscape, I literally go location scouting - I find a place where I could imagine the scene taking place, and then I describe it. When working on dialogue and character interaction, I direct. Sometimes I literally block out a scene with myself--when no one is looking of course. I play all of the characters so that I can write natural reactions and realistic dialogue.

  3. I am SUCH a scaredy cat. My younger sister wants to see the new Freddy Kruger movie, but no one will go see it with her, so she rented the original. She's like... it's not scary. Whatever! Even the song keeps me awake at night.

    I don't write suspense, and I don't think I'd be good at it because I don't read much of it. About as suspenseful as I get is WORLD WAR Z. :-) I just get too scared!

  4. Oops, Freddy Krueger, I meant. :-)

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