Monday, April 19, 2010

Music Monday: Musical Inspiration

Hey aces :) So, I've discussed music a few times here , and here, and even here on my blog and probably bored you with my talk of how much I LOVE music and use it to help me write...well, too bad because I intend to bore you just a little bit more with my discussion of certain songs that may help you write pivotal scenes.

For example, wanna write a really cool fight scene? Try Slipknot's "Wait and Bleed," Linkin Park's "Bleed it out," Limp Bizkit's "Break Stuff," Chevelle's "Forfeit," The Used's "Sound Effects and Overdramatics," or even Lil' Wayne and Eminem's "Drop the World." The last one might seem like it doesn't fit, but if you listen to the lyrics - you'll get angry enough to make one of your characters give another character the best verbal attack ever written!

Want to get inspired to write that sorrowful, yet necessary break up scene? Try "Don't Walk Away, " by Sick Puppies, Kelly Clarkson's "Cry," or "Already Gone," also, "Again," by Flyleaf. All of them are great songs that will tug at your heartstrings and help you feel the emotions that you want your characters to feel.

What about romantic songs for love scenes? Or party songs to help you write a happy scene? Why don't you share what you listen to (or whatever else you do) to get your writing mojo going?


  1. Music definitely has an effect on my life and writing as well. So much so that my first manuscript was all about a couple reconnecting through their past experiences through different songs... now if only someone would want to publish said book!

  2. I definitely agree with you about that Eminem/Lil Wayne song for writing a good fighting scene. In fact, I think pretty much all of Eminem's songs would be great to listen to when writing about anger. As far as love scenes, I think "Colorblind" by the Counting Crows is one of the most beautiful songs ever written (it actually made the move "Cruel Intentions" more tolerable!). I also like anything by Ray LaMontagne, especially "Let it Be Me." See, you have me wanting to pull out my iPod now! :)

  3. Sometimes I listen to a song that doesn't match the scene I'm writing, and I really have to change the song since music affects what I'm writing.

  4. Yes! I've done that before too Medeia- glad that I'm not THAT insane :)

  5. Music is an amazing conduit for feeling, which is why I think it works so well with words. :)